Yaki Straight Organics Human Hair Blend Clip Extensions

Contents: 1 pc 8" weft / 3 pcs 6" weft / 4 pcs 3" weft / 2 pcs 2" weft
Hair Fiber: Organics Human Hair Blend - Yaki Straight
Hair Length: 14" / 18" / 22”
Clip: Clip opens up (see pictures)

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Recurlable Organics hair is the most versatile hair on the market! You can easily curl and straighten Organics hair over and over again at high temperatures up to 400°F as well as at low temperatures allowing you to use hair dryers or blow dryers to create hot roller set styles or hot water braid set styles! No styling sprays are needed as Organics hair curls best with water allowing you to create natural and chemical-free hairstyles. Our innovative Organics blended hair brings together only the best features of human and synthetic hair. Organics hair is remy soft with vibrant colors and a natural human hair sheen while the high curl retention of Organics hair allows your waves and curls to remain even after multiple washes! Make your hairstyles as versatile as you are with recurlable Organics hair!

Application Instructions:

  1. 1.Tie up all of your hair except for a layer at the bottom.
  2. 2.Attach the Magic Clip hair extensions.
  3. 3.When using large extensions with multiple clips, attach the center clip first and continue attaching the clips toward the outside.
  4. 4.Let down a layer of your hair.
  5. 5.Continue attaching the Magic Clip hair extensions to the next layer of hair.
  6. 6.For more natural and fuller hairstyles, add 2 or 3 layers of Magic Clip hair extensions to the back and sides of the head.

Care and Washing Instructions:

After every 2 to 3 wearings, lightly spray with a leave-in conditioner for wigs to maintain the hair's natural luster and to keep the extensions tangle free. After 5 to 6 wearings, wash the extensions using a small amount of shampoo and warm water. Thoroughly rinse out the shampoo in warm water. Gently remove any excess water with a towel, and while the extensions are still wet lightly spray with a leave-in conditioner for wigs. Allow the extensions to dry completely at room temperature. Do not blow dry or use excessive heat. Easily remove any knots by lightly spraying the hair with water and using a 400°F flat iron to straighten out the hair.

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