MetroFem Hair is the latest brand of the Highest Grade Natural Human Hair Platinum series as well as the popular

   High & Low Heat Recurlable Organics Hair series developed by Hairtek Group, Inc.


   Hairtek Group, Inc. is the worldwide manufacturer and distributor of MetroFem Hair based out of Atlanta, GA.


   Our company is partners with many Hair Salons and Beauty Supply retail stores throughout the United States,

   and we specialize in creating custom wigs and hair pieces to meet the demands of our clients.

Recurlable Organics Hair


   Organics Innovative Multi Blend Hair is the latest by MetroFem Hair that brings together all the best features

   from human and synthetic hair to give you the most amazing hairstyles without spending hundreds of dollars

   on out of control human hair prices.

   Organics Hair is the only blended hair that curls at temperatures up to 400°F just like human hair, but Organics

   Hair holds the curls and waves easily for months much longer than human hair can and without the use of harsh

   styling chemicals. While synthetic hair is damaged above 350°F and other blended hair quickly lose their curls,

   Organics Hair brings you the longest lasting curls and hairstyles.

   Organics Hair is protected against frizzing and tangling during high humidity weather unlike human hair.

   Each strand of Organics Hair is designed to react to water only with direct heat contact. Water allows Organics

   Hair to quickly absorb heat. This design lets you easily curl or straighten Organics Hair when the hair is wet

   with amazing results.

   The synergy of Organics Hair and water allows you to create Roller Set hairstyles better than human hair.

   Instead of using wrap lotions and other chemicals on human hair for stiff curls that quickly tangle, you can use

   Organics Hair with water for soft and beautiful Roller Set curls.

   Organics Hair uses Non-shedding Fully Folded Wefts and each strand of hair is measured to equal lengths

   to bring you a full bundle of Organics Hair from top to bottom. Organics Hair is available in lengths up to 24 inches

   that costs a fraction of the price of human hair. Organics Hair is the only Recurlable and Restyleable hair that

   you can easily create new hairstyles with over and over again.